5. sinif ingilizce Yildirim yayinlari çalişma kitabi 22.sayfa cevaplari

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5. Sinif ingilizce Yildirim  yayinlari çalişma kitabi 22. Sayfa cevaplari, Yildirim  yayinlari 5. Sinif ingilizce çalişma kitabi 22. Sayfa yanitlari,5. Sinif Yildirim yayinlari ingilizce çalişma kitabi 22. Sayfa  yanitlari ara,

Yildirim yayinlari 5. sinif ingilizce çalişma kitabi 22.sayfa cevaplari

Yıldırım yayınları 5. sınıf ingilizce çalışma kitabı 22.sayfa cevapları

5. Sinif ingilizce Yildirim  yayinlari çalişma kitabi 22. Sayfa cevaplari
Unit 4  games and hobbies
B tick the correct column for yourself
c-write sentences about your ability use the information in activity
d-read the information below and write a pragraph about her
a-read the dialogue and thick adrians hobbies
a.complete the letters and find the scool subjects
b.read the dialogue and complete the timetable
c.complete the chart for yourself
d.complete the paragraph about yourself use the information in activity
e. read the paragraph and write the names of the girls under the pictures
f.read the paragraph in activity e again and circle true or false
g-read the information in the chart and complete the pragraph
H. read the letter and answer the questions
J read the e-mail and write the subject on the timetable
How old is Peter?
What are this his favourite subjects?
What is he good at?
What languae does he study
Which clup is he in
Who is his favourite pop singer
Read  peter’s letter again write a reply to him complete the blanks in the letter
 I want to g oto market
2-how can ı get to thecafe3 can you tell met he way to the police station
a.match the countries on the map with their names
b read the text and answer the questions
1 Where is Canterbury?
2-what is the Canterbury famous for?
3-What is David’s favourite place in Canterbury ?
4-What does David do there?
F –Match the pictures with the sentences
g. Read the conversation and the fill in the blanks with the words in the box
excuse me can you help me
of course
is there a hotel near here
Find the names of the shops in the crossword
d.where are the people ?complete the sentences with the places in activityc
look at the plan complete the centences
the hospital is between the mosque an the the car park

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